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hi, i want to build an Artificial Intelligence for windows so, how can i do that ? i want to make something that i can talk with it and work with it ( example : when i said play the "mission impossible movie" it open the movie or when i said search for c# codes it search all of the internet that i have access to find c# codes ) so, please tell me how to make Artificial Intelligence. i have 2 question more . 1- can i make Artificial Intelligence with visual basic ( c# ) ? 2- i'm 15 years old and i love AI and programming and graphic when i tell these ( i can make Artificial Intelligence ) to my family, they laugh and tell me that i can't make this, they always tell me: you can't . i think that everyone can do anything, they just have to believe it and try and try to success, so are u agree with them ? i have many idea about Artificial Intelligence and another programs but i have no hope cause they always tell me i can't.
Updated 5-Dec-15 6:15am

I'm psyched you're 15 and interested in AI!  My interest in AI didn't start until grad school, and I was fortunate enough to spend the first eight years of my career (in the late 80's) working at DEC's AI Technology Center where I got to work with John McDermott and others on XCON[^], the world's largest expert system.

What you're really referring to is an area of AI called natural language processing (NLP).  Recently, Python has become a popular language for writing AI apps, although this could also be done in Java or C#.  If you built an app that was able to understand simple sentences and fire off one of a limited set of commands (e.g. open the browser and ask Google to search for "How do I bake a cake?"), you would be on the path towards achieving your eventual goal.

I recommend you direct the first part of your efforts towards learning about NLP, and then knowledge representation.  Here's a series of video tutorials to help you get started.

    Introduction to NLP[^]

Enjoy the journey - it can be immensely rewarding!  Good luck!

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brandon1999 5-Dec-15 13:28pm    
thank u so much. :)
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 5-Dec-15 19:30pm    
5ed. Good answer!
[no name] 6-Aug-20 9:00am    
Artificial Intelligence Course In Pune:
Ok, apart from what Ravi has said (with much respect to that answer), artificial intelligence is mostly done "without" graphical user-interface. Most of the stuff is being done in a mainframe or a supercomputer and only a "text" response is sent to your GUI application.

Like Ravi mentioned "How do I bake a cake?" What Google would do is it would go back to their search engine's database, find a good record and just notify you about the records. The GUI is implemented for the website. The actual program that finds the search results does not have a GUI, it doesn't need any. Similarly, there are many other programs in which AI is irrelevant to having a GUI or not having a GUI. You can surely write a program to manage your records intelligently using a console, or by using a graphical application and so on.

Now coming to your question, artificial intelligence, as the name states is just a phenomena in which computer "seems" to be thinking like a human. Nothing else. So you can surely make anything, that can perform the tasks that you will, on itself, without having to ask you a thousand questions.

1. Yes, but don't. Visual Basic is for programming a visual application. Implementing hard core native functions would be much tougher. Try using C, C++ or Java!
2. You're 15, good. I was 15 when I started, I have learnt 10% of AI. But I wasn't learning AI, I was just learning programming.
3. Do not tell them. The first thing that I made was a website with social buttons. I showed it to my parents, they said, we don't need it son. Go fetch your books and study. So I stopped telling them anything at all until my skills started to pay off.
4. Sure, you can do anything, but saying it every time will just decrease the efficiency. Just do it.

I can give you a few tips, because a few years earlier (2 maybe), I wrote this program for myself. It worked and understood a few things (only!), like

1. Any unread emails?
- It would chop emails and unread and search for them on my own personal email client. I made the email client too, because the program wouldn't know how to search Outlook.
2. Any downloads active?
- I would ask it to "I have a download active" to activate the service and store the number of downloads going on. Then it would just "speak out" how many downloads remaining.
3. Battery level (Yes, you got it!)

But the project requires a very big data source to work on. You have to store each and every command in it. Every word you speak, every command you issue and every protocol you use. Send email, search internet, find song, play song and so on. It needs to know "how-to" before it can do anything at all.

Google servers, Yahoo and Microsoft servers have been programmed by more than thousand programmers and experts to actually make this happen. That is why, your parents are worrying about you and are telling you that you should not do it. But if you think you can, just go ahead. :-)

For more information, please read these:[^]

Also, please take this free course from MIT on AI, it would definitely help you out:[^]

Good luck!
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brandon1999 6-Dec-15 4:38am    
i know that google servers and ... have been programmed by thousand programmers and i can't make something like that but i'm sure that i can be one of them. thank u very much.

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