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Helo guys, I think I need a lot of help here.
I've instaled Android Studio in a i7, 4 cores, 2.33 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 7200RPM Samsung HD machine. Problem is, this thing takes forever to do anything. To load IDE: 4 minutes. With Run/debug'app' it takes 7 minutes to show the emulator (when it does; most of times it takes that time just to say a lot of criptic error messages explaining why it
didn't work).
In the same machine Visual Studio 2015 loads in about 18 seconds, and the emulator (for Windows mobile machines), loads in about 10 seconds.
As Google is Google, and I'm very new to it, I think I'm doing something wrong. Can please anyone help me to make this turtle move a little less slow ?
Thank you all
Richard MacCutchan 1-Jan-16 5:19am    
This is a common issue, Android Studio is very slow; on my i5 it is just unusable. I use eclipse for Android development, it is still not very fast but at least it is usable.
Karthik V Ambakad 1-Jan-16 13:12pm    
I'm not sure about it being stable I am able to run android studio in about 10 to 15 seconds at the most for start up and for debugging it does depends on what you are compiling and honestly that sounds like it is take way too long the longest I've ever had to wait for the apk to install on the emulator was 10 to 30 seconds. Loading the emulator does take a bit of time depending on the computer and if you are using Intel HAX or not.
Gerson Abdala 2-Jan-16 14:55pm    
I think all of us are missing some importante configuration item.
Mr. Richard says Android Studio is nearly unusable.
Mr. Karthik says Android Studio is very fast.
Do some of you know some Google document that states the necessary and sufficient conditions for the turtle runs faster ?
Thank you all.

1 solution

Here's a quick tip for you to speed up your studio:
Open studio.vmoptions file,increase the value of -Xmx as you have 8GB ram.

There are few more workarounds to gear up studio performance, follow:
android studio 1.2 gradle is very slow - Stack Overflow[^]
Android Studio is too slow - Stack Overflow[^]
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Richard MacCutchan 3-Jan-16 12:23pm    
But I don't have 8Gb, and that is the problem.
ridoy 3-Jan-16 12:47pm    
Doesn't matter, i have 4GB with i3 and am happy with its performance, it needs max 5s to compile in device! :)
Richard MacCutchan 3-Jan-16 13:15pm    
Compiling is not the problem, it's the IDE and the emulator. However, I am happy with eclipse, and since I don't use it every day, I see no reason to switch.
ridoy 3-Jan-16 14:59pm    
I hope you know google already stops update patch of eclipse. In case of emulator, do you install haxm installer? It boosts the emulator a lot. There are few other options of emulator like genemotion or bluestacks, they are quite good.
Richard MacCutchan 4-Jan-16 3:58am    
Well that's part of the issue really. If I install some application on my system I expect it to work straight off. I do not expect to have to go Googling to find out what other stuff I need to install just so it will work in a reasonable fashion.

Having said that, I may well try it again some time.

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