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Sir, I am using boost libraries for various file handling purposes. I have a problem in deleting a folder using boost libraries.
I used this,
#include<boost\filesystem\operations.hpp>// as a header file

boost::filesystem::path fOne = "c:\\A";// in main code


This works for the several locations(for e.g in C:\\A)

But when I try this location C:\\Windows\\A the executable builds successfully with zero error and zero warning.Then when I tried to execute the function which executes on button click a message box opens like this

Unhandled exception at 0x75CBD8A8 in HelpProject.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: boost::filesystem::filesystem_error at memory location 0x0018EF68.

I found this was an error message how can I solve this type of errors?

I have some knowledge in debugging the code but not the generated executable. So I closed the visual studio and opened the executable and tried to execute the function
and it shows me like this,

Debug error abort() has called!

I tried by opening the executable in administrator mode but no use

Am I missing anything?
Should I add still more information?

Thank you
nv3 31-Jan-16 9:45am    
Obviously that has to do with the special protection of the \Windows directory, which probably hosts your operating system. My guess is that the code in remove_all is not handling some return code correctly and then crashes. I would compile in debug mode and step inside the remove_all function to see what it's doing.
[no name] 1-Feb-16 9:51am    
Thank you sir for your kind help

1 solution

Just read the documentation for remove_all()[^]:
Throws: As specified in Error reporting.
Follow the link there to Error-reporting[^]:

When a call by the implementation to an operating system or other underlying API results in an error that prevents the function from meeting its specifications, an exception of type filesystem_error is thrown.

So you have to catch and handle the exception. Read some tutorial about C++ exceptions and Boost Filesystem exception.hpp Header[^].
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[no name] 1-Feb-16 9:49am    
Thank you sir for your kind help

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