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I have a html image in my page. Intially it is set to self.png.

Image will be set dynamically from server side means from code behind. How is it possible.

<img alt="" src="self.png" runat="server" class ="igte_rPayNet_ButtonImg" />

Any one please provide useful info.


What I have tried:

on page_load event how can i change the image.
i was tried by using java script it's not working.

var img1 = document.getElementByClassNames("igte_rPayNet_ButtonImg");
var imag1= document.getElementsByTagName("igte_rPayNet_ButtonImg");


trying the below i am getting objectHtmlcollections errors

var ig = document.getElementById("igte_rPayNet_ButtonImg").src = "../Images/joy.png";

using JS am unable to getting it, and unable changing the image.

Give the img tag an ID and then you should be able to reach it from the server-side:
<img alt="" src="self.png"  runat="server" class="igte_rPayNet_ButtonImg" id="yourIdHere" />

yourIdHere.Src = "path-here.png"
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Kapuraveni BharathKumar 11-Feb-16 6:56am    
Thanks for the reply,
with out using img tag id, i want to do this.
using img tag class name if it is possible? to change the image by dynamically or using javascript.
Thomas Daniels 11-Feb-16 7:15am    
I'm not sure why you want to do this, but anyway, it is possible. You can either search for the control, or use the PreRender event:
The method is called getElementsByClassName, and it returns an array;

var img1 = document.getElementsByClassName("igte_rPayNet_ButtonImg");

if (img1.length > 0)
    img1[0].src = "joy.png";
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Here is the Answer. thank you all for your support.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
$(function () {
$('.igte_rPayNet_ButtonImg').attr("src", '../Images/joy.png');
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