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i have 60 students name and daily attendance,for academic to create database query.But dont want to create many columns in database every time and every day

What I have tried:

i tried like creating table but it is not supposed to do that way .
Updated 3-Mar-16 22:11pm

1 solution

You don't do it that way: you create a couple of tables instead.
The first table holds the students:
ID        Can be INT, IDENTITY (that way SQL will deal with ensuring it is unique), PRIMARY KEY
Name      NVARCHAR(50) shoudl be fine

The second table holds attendance:
ID        INT, IDENTITY (To make sure each row is unique), PRIMARY KEY
StudentID INT, FOREIGN KEY (Relates back to the actual Students table)
Attended  DATE (Date they attended)
Then for a student attending, you create a new row in the second table which refers to the student from the first table, and logs the date they were present.
You then use WHERE and an SQL JOIN to retrieve the records you are interested in.
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