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i want to run the code in console window in run time from code behind

this the code to run console
c:\project>pdftk A=a.pdf B=b.pdf C=c.pdf shuffle A B C output collated.pdf

What I have tried:

i tried with these code Process.Start(Filepath1), Console.WriteLine(Filepath1) it doesn't work.i'm new to console application.please provide some example
Updated 9-Mar-16 0:57am

1 solution

Process.Start("pdftk", "A=a.pdf B=b.pdf C=c.pdf shuffle A B C output collated.pdf")

But...if this is genuinely VB.NET - i.e. a web application - be aware that it will run at teh server, not the client!
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SathishRam 9-Mar-16 8:38am    
How to open particular path in command prompt:
from code behind in

in console we do cd C:\Users\sathishr\Desktop\Small
OriginalGriff 9-Mar-16 8:53am    
Basically, don't.
You can do it - just set the WorkingDirectory property of the ProcessStartInfo object for the process - but it will run at the server, not the client - so your user will never see it or be able to tell if it worked, failed, or is waiting for him to press ENTER.
SathishRam 9-Mar-16 23:35pm    
Thank you

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