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The Discrete Fourier Transform is a difficult concept to grasp, and my coding skills are not fully developed. I am struggling to implement this transform in a c# program. There aren't many examples available on this subject. I realise that this is not an ideal approach and the Fast Fourier Transform is a way better method, but I require the knowledge of how to implement specifically a DFT on a image. Could someone assist me please?

What I have tried:

I have tried modifying a FFT as described on but haven't been successful.
Updated 30-Mar-16 8:26am
phil.o 30-Mar-16 10:39am    
"There aren't many examples available on this subject."
You must be joking :) A search on CodeProject for "Fourier Transform" (being fast or discrete) returns 295 pages with 50 results per page. There must be something in there that you can read, understand and use.
CodeProject - Search - Fourier Transform
Member 12414319 30-Mar-16 11:21am    
I see I have prhased my question poorly. I am in search of a sample implementation of a 2 Dimentional Discrete Fourier Transform on a bitmap image. I have been through allmost all the results you mentioned, but the closest I came to a 2D DFT was the math definition. Believe me I have researched the problem and struggled sufficiently. Asking for help here is my last resort. If you have advice for me I would appreciate it greatly.
phil.o 30-Mar-16 11:59am    
Unfortunately, I don't have the DFT implementation you need right now. If I had your requirement, I would stick to the material presented here on CodeProject, trying hard to understand both the math and the way to implement them. I hope some other members will have more precise advices. Good luck.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Mar-16 14:23pm    
No need to believe you or not. You have to show what you have tried.
If your question is not very good, edit it.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Mar-16 14:21pm    
"described on" — where? The section "What I have tried" is designed for description of what you really tried, mostly with some code sample, not just for mentioning.

1 solution

It's hard to help someone who can try something published on CodeProject and failed to reference it in the question.

So, only a general help can apply. Write that Fourier Transform code or use some existing libraries. One of such libraries applicable for images is famous AForge.NET. Please see: FFT Method[^].

I used it, faced no problem.

You can find a lot more: Let me google that for you[^].

One particular article: An FFT in C# | Gerry Beauregard[^].

On CodeProject:
2D FFT of an Image in C#[^],
How to implement the FFT algorithm[^],
Search — CodeProject[^].

On SourceForge: FFT free download — SourceForge[^].

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