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When I run the following script on local its just run fine. But when I am trying to run it on server it's giving access denied error.

set http = CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0")
http.setTimeouts 5000, 5000, 10000, 3720000 "GET", "", FALSE 
http.send ""
WScript.Echo http.responseText

What I have tried:

I Google it but not found correct solution
Updated 22-May-16 23:23pm
Mehdi Gholam 23-May-16 2:20am    
The user account you are running it from does not have permission to CreateObject().
Telstra 23-May-16 2:31am    
Could u please help with that What will be the action set for this.

1 solution

The error is pretty explicit: "Access denied".
If you tried to go through a door and a sign said that, what you you assume? That you didn't have permission to enter the room, yes?
That's what you are being told by the computer: the yous (as a user) does not have permission to create things in that location, on that server.
You either need a user with higher authority, or to get the authority requirements changed to accommodate you.
We can't do either of those - so talk to the admins and discuss the problem.
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Telstra 23-May-16 3:07am    
I have added myself as a user with the full control on that server. Still Showing the error with pop up.

line 4: char:1 Error: Login request was denied.
Source: MSXML6.dll

OriginalGriff 23-May-16 3:58am    
"Login request was denied."
is a different message to
"Access denied"
Because it's a different error, with a different meaning, and a different cause!
Login denied simply means you got the user / password combination wrong, you are trying to log into the wrong server, or you didn't supply any login credentials!

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