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I'm in a graduate class studying ARENA Simulation and am having trouble doing a problem on my home computer. I need to figure out how to model the traffic flow into a stadium on game day. Basically there are two entrances, Entrance A has 65% of all traffic flow, Entrance B has 35%. Each entrance has a certain number of Check Booths (basically a toll booth) where a person checks your parking pass. Entrance A and B have 5 check booths each.

I'm starting with a simple model that just looks at Entrance A and intend to tackle Entrance B once that is completed. The model currently has a three modules, a Create, a Process, and a Dispose. Each Vehicle is an entity and they arrive via the Create module using a set schedule. The model will have approximately 25,000 arrivals (entities) but when I try to run it I get an error that says that I've reached my maximum number of entities (150). We've run large scale simulations in class with thousands of parts or widgets entering a system during a run without this being an issue. I am really in a tight spot here and need help as soon as possible. I don't know if maybe each vehicle shouldn't be it's own entity or if there's a simple solution that I'm missing, any help would be greatly appreciated.

What I have tried:

YouTube Tutorials, Rockwell Automation's Website, Simulation with ARENA Textbook
Updated 31-May-16 19:44pm
Kats2512 1-Jun-16 2:18am    
Never ask for help "URGENTLY" it is rude. You are not paying for a support service here.

Try the full version (not the student edition) : Compare Products | Arena Simulation[^]
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when I try to run it I get an error that says that I've reached my maximum number of entities (150).
Make sure you have a registered license, and that you are not in unregistered demo mode.
This is a typical limitation in unregistered apps.
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Maciej Los 1-Jun-16 1:58am    
that "answer" should be posted as a comment to the question.

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