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Hi we have a C++ project (ATl+MFC) maintained in Visual studio 6.0
the product of this project is COM object - proxies.dll .
Another Visual Basic 6.0 project (intended for GUI) is using this dll.

Can you please advice what version of Visual Studio (2005,2008,2010..) will be ok for upgrade from ver 6.0 and will be available to work with Visual Basic 6 project that adding reference to its dll/COM object.
(important - Visual Studio should support compiling 64 bit applications)
Another question: maybe you know tool to upgrade projects from Visual Studio/ Visual Basic 6.0

Thanks .

What I have tried:

I have problems to move old projects from windows XP to Win 7 (32/64)
So trying to update development environment which support configurations for compiling 64 bit compilations
Updated 6-Jun-16 0:48am

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VB 6 died a long time ago, as far as MS is concerned: they replaced it with VB.NET in 2001. The two are not compatible, and VB6 has not been a compiler option since then!

To be honest, the C++ stuff should probably work with the latest version of Visual Studio (though you may have to create a new project as I don't know if an import from that long ago will work) but the VB stuff definitely won't, and you probably shouldn't even try! You'd be a lot better off rewriting it from scratch using the original EXE as a "specification" rather than trying to convert the code - they are very different ways to do things!
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Nika34 6-Jun-16 7:20am    
got it. Thanks!
OriginalGriff 6-Jun-16 7:45am    
You're welcome!
Philippe Mori 6-Jun-16 8:53am    
Well, if the application was not designed for 64 bits, there might be a lot of changes to make to the code too and there might be some code that might not compile with newer compiler as the standard has evolved a lot since then and at that time, Microsoft C++ compiler was not as much compliant with standards (of that time).
Then, if COM was used for user interface (Active/X), then you might want to use more recent technology for the UI...
Nika34 6-Jun-16 9:02am    
ok, thanks

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