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Dear Codeproject,
I have post an Article and i am new in writing article over code project. i used an other articles part in my article but i have no idea that it is an abusive and troll user and then few of the valuable members reported me as abusive and troll user. Please Review my messages and posts that i have been abusive or not.

Except one article, rest I have written my posts myself and attached examples in the posts as well. Please review the same.
how to Activate closed Code project acount?

if the community find some abouse in my article then the right of community not publish my article publically.but that not a way to block or close a 6+ year old member account.

Please suggest how can i Re-Activate my closed account on codeproject.

Thanks & Regards
Rakesh Meel

What I have tried:

i have no idea what i have to do to resolve the problem?
Updated 14-Jun-16 21:26pm

Refer to CodeProject Plagiarism FAQ[^]
It makes it quite clear that plagiarism will not be tolerated. A short quote from there:
We've re-activated accounts of plagiarists and even worked with them to teach them what plagiarism is, and tried to help them them to get their articles in working order.

Experience has taught us this method does not work.
Meel Rakesh 15-Jun-16 2:44am
Someone who is new in particular can check my previous articles.

nobody perfect in all area like u sir. like:- reply a question, poas an article.
Peter_in_2780 15-Jun-16 2:58am
See OriginalGriff's comments above.
If you posted plagiarised material (and I suspect you did if you are talking about "How To Start -Android") then your account is very, very unlikely to be reactivated.
We have a zero tolerance attitude to plagiarism: and huge chunks of that article were not written by you, as you even admit here "Except one article, rest I have written my posts myself"
You stole someone else's work, and claimed it as your own. That's not acceptable behaviour and the community closed your account as a result.

We do not normally reactivate accounts of those who plagiarise.
Meel Rakesh 15-Jun-16 2:30am
but sir i have already mention that i am new in article writing. can the community provide me a mercy attempt to recover my fault.
OriginalGriff 15-Jun-16 2:50am
You had existing articles.
You had been here for quite a while.
You chose to steal instead of writing it yourself.
You know that is wrong, here as well as in the "real world".
How would you feel, if you wrote an app, and I copied it, renamed it and put it up on the App Store. Suddenly, I'm getting loads of money for your work! Would that be fair, or would you be really annoyed?
Theft is theft: your account is dead.
Meel Rakesh 15-Jun-16 2:59am
i appricate your views.but in my case without giving someone a chance you can't decide. There is a difference betwwen theft and mistake, i din't did that intentionally.
i am just requsting to the committee for reactivate to my account.
OriginalGriff 15-Jun-16 3:10am
You had a chance. You chose to abuse the trust we put in all members to be honest, and genuine, not us. You chose to copy, not us. You chose to tick the box which said "this is all my own work", not us.
You got caught.

Take this as a life lesson, and move on.
Meel Rakesh 15-Jun-16 3:19am
plz sir this account is my lifetime efforts...pls give me at list single chance to explain myself.
OriginalGriff 15-Jun-16 3:29am
Perhaps this will teach you that all actions have consequences, and you have to be careful about how you make decisions. Make a bad decision, get bad consequences.
Meel Rakesh 15-Jun-16 3:35am
thats mean all of you are predefine god...never makes any mistake.
oh my god why you are away form us.
my Life of code project going to die whose complete responsibility all of you the god of code project.
Tahanks n Regards all God of Code project
OriginalGriff 15-Jun-16 3:48am
All of us make mistakes.
And they have consequences, not just for you. wasn't an accident that you copied someone else's work. It didn't "sneak in there" while "you weren't looking". Instead, you deliberately copied and pasted into "your" article, probably knowing it was wrong. Probably you thought "It doesn't matter", "nobody will mind as it's me", or "I won't get caught", or even "I didn't get caught last time".
Doesn't matter what you thought. You did get caught. You did get your account closed.
"oh my god why you are away form us" - does your god like cheats and thieves? Most don't...
Move on with your life, and don't make the same mistake again.

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