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Can some one help me with this ?
How to Convert a string that is in (M: d:yy hh:mm:ss tt) format to (MM/dd/yy hh:mm:ss tt) format in javascript without using moment.js

What I have tried:

tried using many alternatives .. but couldn't get any results.. can someone help me soon ?
Updated 2-Sep-16 18:34pm

Check this jsfiddle:

convert date time - JSFiddle[^]
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Maciej Los 2-Sep-16 10:39am    
The first line is the date in string format.
The second line is an instance (a variable) of date object. The string to date format conversion is done here. Naturally, you'd do conversion with the parse method, but this approach is better and cleaner.
The third line displays the date format in a pop-up box.

I hope this helps.
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I've tried out this code and I hope you'd understand.
If you store the datetime value into a string str and pass it as argument to the Date object like below:

var str = "09/02/2016 14:00:00";
var todate = new Date(str);

You can do whatever you wish to the value returned, in this case "todate".


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njammy 2-Sep-16 10:58am    
Where is the date format conversion code...

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