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I have a Database table for "Products Group" that has a field name "Parent ID". for example if you have "Refrigerator" as you Product ID, it has the "Kitchen Ware" ID as it's Parent ID. How can I have a treeList in DevExpress to have child nodes under it's parent? My database is SQL server.

I have add a treeList in my form that has 2 colomn, then add a class to fetch data from sql database :

public List<LocalProductGroups> GetProductGroups()
           using (ShoppingEntities _ShoppingEntities = new ShoppingEntities())
               return _ShoppingEntities.ProductGroup.Select(s => new LocalProductGroups

       public partial class LocalProductGroups
           public int GroupID { get; set; }
           public string Name { get; set; }
           public int Parent { get; set; }
           public bool IsRemove { get; set; }

data is shown in treelist but not in parent and child format, I mean all Product Goups are in one level.

Thanks in Advance

What I have tried:

I have tried my code above based on DevExpress documentations, but I have not met my answer.
Updated 7-Sep-16 21:01pm
Maciej Los 7-Sep-16 16:16pm    
You have to provide what have you tried. This piece of information is useless.

1 solution

I've found the following:
How to: Implement Hierarchical Data Binding via Child Nodes Selector[^]
Tree Generation Algorithm in the Tree List[^]
Tree List control's features[^]
Display Hierarchical Data - ASP.NET AJAX Tree List Demo | DevExpress[^]

If it won't help, come back here and shortly describe what have you tried to achieve and how. Piece of code you used may be helpful.
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