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I have an unzipped xlsx document that consists of two xml documents, sheet1.xml and SharedStrings.xml.

Both have a xmlNameSpaceManager :
Dim workSheetManager As New XmlNamespaceManager(workSheet.NameTable)
            workSheetManager.AddNamespace("foo", "")
            workSheetManager.AddNamespace("r", "")

Dim sharedStringManager As New XmlNamespaceManager(sharedStrings.NameTable)
            sharedStringManager.AddNamespace("foo", "")

Now the xml will only hold reference to cell that have a value, empty cells are not included, and I want to add values into a new column.

That means I have to add a child node to the sharedStrings.xml and the getting the numeric value of the node and use that to create a new node into sheet1.xml.

How do I add an new xml child node that uses the xml schemas ?

What I have tried:

I have tried appending a new child node, but this just gives me an empty node and does not make use of the schema.
Member 15627495 10-Mar-23 7:45am    
by LINQ for XML :

you create your new node :
dim elm as xelement = new xelement( name , value )

and you add it through a linq query at the good location
// LINQ query :
(from u in XML_tree...innerDepth....last() ).add(elm)

// the step after you save your new XML tree
Michel van der Laan 2023 11-Mar-23 7:37am    
The example I have given is the manual manipulation of an excel file, there are more methods available to make this work, but I want to know how it works with the namespacemanager so I can use it for any xml document that uses namespaces, not just MS Office.
Member 15627495 12-Mar-23 10:19am    
about NameSpaceManager :

there is 'xsd' too,

the difference between NameSpaceManager and xsd comes when you have 'n > 1' xsd by your Xml content.

'Xsd' is 'a map' to build your 'Xml content' ( it's constraint Applying, validation, error fixing too )
'NameSpaceManagement' can get several 'Xsd' to apply on a Xml Content.

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