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I want to append new node into existing xml file, data that is coming from api of json type independently from model class elements should be append into the file.

What I have tried:

I have tried many ways but not done please give reply
Graeme_Grant 1-Feb-24 0:47am    
Tried many ways? So we can avoid offering a method that you have already tried, please list what methods that you have tried and why they do not work. Use the Improve question link provided above.

XML (and JSON) are Text based data transfer formats: the only practical way to add a new node is to read the XML file into an XMLDocument (or equivalent), add the node to that, and save the XML file again.

You can't just open the "raw" XML as text and write into it: text files of any kind do not have an "insert" function.
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While waiting for you to update your question, I used your question in google search: How to append new node in existing XML through api C#[^] and there were many answers to the same question:
* C#, XML, adding new nodes - StackOverflow[^]
* XmlNode.AppendChild(XmlNode) Method (System.Xml) | Microsoft Learn[^] (with sample code)
* add a new node in existing xml file - CodeProject[^]
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