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hi guys,

i want to add a new node in my existing "Input.XML" file. my xml file structure is like:

this is my Root node. i want when i click on button a new child node is add in this with a Element. a element name is coming from a textbox text. i use many code but when i click on different image its name come in text box that text is go and save in xml but it over write in my previous child node. i want when i click on button my child node is add again again with textbox text as an element. but my child node name is same.

for example:

<Images> \\ This is Root Node

<imgName> \\ This is my Child Node Which i want to add on btn click

Text1 \\ This is a element which is coming from a textbox.
</imgName> \\Child Node End

<%-------------When again i click on another image a new text is appear in textbox. when i click on button this text is also save in my xml file.



i hope you will understand what i want to say.. now please help me in this..

Updated 10-Jan-18 18:25pm
uspatel 2-Sep-11 1:10am    
What code u use on button click

Pleas used this code it will help
/file name
string filename = @"d:\temp\XMLFile2.xml";

//create new instance of XmlDocument
XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();

//load from file

//create node and add value
XmlNode node = doc.CreateNode(XmlNodeType.Element, "Genre_Genre_Country", null);
//node.InnerText = "this is new node";

//create title node
XmlNode nodeTitle = doc.CreateElement("Title");
//add value for it
nodeTitle.InnerText = "This title is created by code";

//create Url node
XmlNode nodeUrl = doc.CreateElement("Url");
nodeUrl.InnerText = @"";

//add to parent node

//add to elements collection

//save back
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adadsadsasd 2-Sep-11 1:22am    
string XmlFile = @"file:///C:\\Documents and Settings\\USITAjay\\My Documents\\Visual Studio 2008\\WebSites\\Presentation\\Input.xml";
XmlDocument xdoc = new XmlDocument();
XmlNode node = xdoc.CreateElement(XmlNodeType.Element,"imgName",null);
node.InnerText = txtHideImage.Text;

XmlNode nodetitle = xdoc.CreateElement("Images");
nodetitle.InnerText = "AJAY";



It gives a error :
1.The best overloaded method match for'System.Xml.XmlDocument.CreateElement(string, string, string)' has some invalid arguments
2.Argument '1': cannot convert from 'System.Xml.XmlNodeType' to 'string'
adadsadsasd 2-Sep-11 1:49am    
thanx a lot for that...
try Google!
one of the useful link may be this
try this add new node to existing xml file
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adadsadsasd 2-Sep-11 1:32am    
I got this error on "URI formats are not supported." whats this?
The appendChild() method adds a child node to an existing node.

The new node is added (appended) after any existing child nodes.

Note: Use insertBefore() if the position of the node is important.

The following code fragment creates an element (), and adds it after the last child of the first element:



The insertBefore() method is used to insert a node before a specified child node.

This method is useful when the position of the added node is important:




check this link for more details[^]
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Light weight XmlDocumentFragment can be good idea in this regards:
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