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I'm trying to understand how to insert an XML file into a TreeView, not only the nodes with the texts but also the attributes. In the example XML file, I can display with my code (take from Web) only "Actor" and "Type", while instead I would also like to read "Movie Title = ". How could I do it?

<?xml version="1.0"?>
-<Movie Title="Fallen">
<Actor>Denzel Washington</Actor>

-<Movie Title="Mad Max">
<Actor>Mel Gibson</Actor>

-<Movie Title="Event Horizon">
<Actor>Sam Neill</Actor>
<Type>Sci-Fi Horror</Type>

-<Movie Title="Happy Gilmore">
<Actor>Adam Sandler</Actor>

-<Movie Title="The Postman">
<Actor>Kevin Costner</Actor>

What I have tried:

Private Sub Prova2ToolStripMenuItem_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Prova2ToolStripMenuItem.Click
    OpenFileDialog1.Multiselect = False
    Dim fileName As String = Path.GetFileName(OpenFileDialog1.FileName)
    Dim filePath As String = OpenFileDialog1.FileName
    Me.Text = filePath

    Dim xmldoc As New XmlDataDocument()
    Dim xmlnode As XmlNode
    Dim fs As New FileStream(filePath, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read)
    xmlnode = xmldoc.ChildNodes(1)
    TreeView1.Nodes.Add(New TreeNode(xmldoc.DocumentElement.Name))
    Dim tNode As TreeNode
    tNode = TreeView1.Nodes(0)
    AddNode(xmlnode, tNode)

End Sub

Private Sub AddNode(ByVal inXmlNode As XmlNode, ByVal inTreeNode As TreeNode)
    Dim xNode As XmlNode
    Dim tNode As TreeNode
    Dim nodeList As XmlNodeList
    Dim i As Integer
    If inXmlNode.HasChildNodes Then

        nodeList = inXmlNode.ChildNodes
        For i = 0 To nodeList.Count - 1
            xNode = inXmlNode.ChildNodes(i)
            inTreeNode.Nodes.Add(New TreeNode("Node: " + xNode.Name))
            tNode = inTreeNode.Nodes(i)
            AddNode(xNode, tNode)
        inTreeNode.Text = inXmlNode.InnerText.ToString
    End If
End Sub
Updated 2-Oct-23 4:52am
Graeme_Grant 26-Sep-23 6:57am    
What's the problem exactly? Is there an error?
Marco Giglio 26-Sep-23 12:01pm    
Meanwhile, forgive my poor English... this listing does not give errors but shows the treeview only with the "text" nodes. However, I would also like to see those with attributes (Movie Title)
Graeme_Grant 26-Sep-23 17:08pm    
It is a child to parent relationship. You add nodes to parent nodes.

1 solution

This is a very common question that you can google: winform how to add children to parent nodes on a treeview - Google Search[^] which gave me this: adding child nodes in treeview [solution] - StackOverflow[^]

Where Nodes[0] would be the "Movie", and the yourChildNode would be for each detail: "Actor" and "Type"
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Marco Giglio 27-Sep-23 3:23am    
Forgive my English... maybe I can't explain myself well...
I figured out how to add a branch to the tree, but what I can't do is add nodes that have attributes instead of text. In the example file I posted, I can't get the following branches to appear:
<movie title="Fallen">, <movie title="Mad Max">, <movie title="Event Horizon">, and <movie title="The Postman">, but only child nodes that have text (such as example: <actor>Adam Sandler
Graeme_Grant 27-Sep-23 3:36am    
That is what I explained how to do. It's a hierarchical data structure.

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