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I am trying to add a new node to a xml file. The code that I wrote works fine when there is a node exists but if not it throws an error of "object referance not set to an instance of an object." Basiccaly code copies a node and then writes data to the child nodes of the parent node. When I debug this code;

XmlNode credentialsnodedetails = xmlDocument.SelectNodes("/Credentials/Credential")[0];
            XmlNode newnode = credentialsnodedetails.CloneNode(true);

I see that "credentialsnodedetails" value is  NULL. I think because it is null I am having the problem. What should do programatically to avoid it?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 23-Nov-10 18:06pm    
Is that node supposed to be NULL? Without knowing the details, it looks like you need to check for that first.
Orcun Iyigun 23-Nov-10 20:14pm    
Yeah I thought of it. Earlier I tried to check if it is NULL or not. If it is null I need to create a new node but I dont know how to do it. thats what I tried to ask seems like I wasnt clear enough.

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Have you look at try{} catch{}?

   //your code here...
   //catch exception here... and do what ever you want with it.

There are plenty of exception handling articles and example on the web.
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