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Hello All,

I have a created a collage of some photos (of around 20 pics) in Picasa.

Now when I use this collage as a background in my ASP.NET page only 1 or 2 photos are getting displayed, in their original size, i.e, their original dimensions, not their reduced dimensions as in my created Collage.

I am using CSS to display the images in the background.

Many Thanks in Advance


You could have THIS[^] article to be useful for resizing image in background using CSS.
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Mukund Kallapur 25-Sep-10 13:57pm    
The article is awesome, but again my need is not satisfied. I am displaying a collage of images, not a single image.

In this case only some pics are getting displayed.

Kindly assist.
Hiren solanki 27-Sep-10 1:36am    
but though there is a collage of image, but collage is itself a image. so it mean. I think

.bckimage {
    width: 100%;
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;
    left: 0;


<img class="bckimage" src="images/bckimage.jpg" alt="" />

I hope it works.:rose:
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Mukund Kallapur 25-Sep-10 5:49am works...but partial....I cant see my other functionality of my page...such as links to other that.

This I have implemented in the Master Page !!!

Kindly assist
You can use background-image property in css and set it to your images that you want.
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Hiren solanki 25-Sep-10 3:39am    
that he has used already, understand problem first.

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