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Hi All
I want to know,How to Write Join Query When there is no Common Fields in Two Tables Without using Union

What I have tried:

SELECT Count(*)
From IGN1 T0 Inner Join OBTN on T0. No common colm =T1. No common colm

WHERE T0.ItemCode Like 'ZP%'
Updated 12-Sep-16 21:44pm

1 solution

I'd suggest to read this: Visual Representation of SQL Joins[^]

When there's no common column, the only way to join tables is to use cross join, but (!) that join produces lots of records, because produces the Cartesian product of the tables involved in the join.

For further details about cross join, please see: Using Cross Joins[^]
Member 12605293 13-Sep-16 4:23am
Hi Maciej
Thanks for your quick reply It is helpful,Is there any there way to join this apart from using Cross Join.
Maciej Los 13-Sep-16 4:31am
You're very welcome.
As far as i know there's no other way to join tables where is no common field.
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