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So i have 2 ASP.NET MVC web apps running.
The first one takes in data and sends it to the second one.
The second App takes the data and builds a PDF then returns the PDF.

This was working well using a simple
@Html.actionlink("URL", "Download File", new { a = Model.a, b = Model.b, c = Model.c}, New{target = "_blank"})

But then i started to use longer data to simulate the actual data and i am having trouble with IE's URL length limitation.

Is there any way to get this data to the second app using a post method form in order to make use of the request body rather than the URL bar, and if so how would i do this?

What I have tried:

like i said above a simple action link something like
@Html.actionlink("URL", "Download File", new { a = Model.a, b = Model.b, c = Model.c}, New{target = "_blank"})

this works well on other browsers but unfortunately IE limits the size of the URL and my data is too long for it.

I also tried using an AJAX POST to send the data which works great until you learn that you cant do anything with the returned PDF. (i thought maybe i could post it to a new window as the HTML and it would catch the file header and prompt a Download but nope :(... )

any help would be greatly appreciated
Updated 21-Oct-16 11:41am

1 solution

Ended up building a form with submit action:url of 2nd app, method:post putting hidden editor inputs for the longass strings and btn for submitting the form. Since the second site is trying to return only a file the browser doesn't try to redirect to a page from it and yay. If anyone has any better ideas i would be glad to hear them
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