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Currently I'm building a project where I can send Massage to specific connected clients. But when ever I send data it goes to all of the connected client.I've reviewed this code but still confuse how to implement the solution :( .
Server Code
While True
           Dim incoming As TcpClient = Me.MyTcpListener.AcceptTcpClient
           Dim Str As StreamReader = New StreamReader(incoming.GetStream)
          Dim C As New Client
               C.ClientID = Me.ClientID
               C.Str = Str
               RaiseEvent _ClientConnected(C)
               AddHandler C._ClientDisconnect, AddressOf ClientDisconnected
               Me.ClientID += 1
               End While

Note : I found this code a long time ago and i only have it now. The main goal I want to achieve here is to communicate from server to specific client using client_ID.

What I have tried:

Sample of my code..:
Dim server as TCPListener
while true
end while 
Updated 21-Jan-20 19:17pm

1 solution

This seems to be how you are gathering you clients. How are you defining the client to send the message to?
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Richard Deeming 22-Jan-20 12:56pm    
If you want to ask for more information, then click the "Have a Question or Comment?" button under the question and post a comment. Do not post your comment as a "solution".

However, given this question was posted over three years ago, and the OP hasn't posted anything since, it's unlikely that they're still interested in solving this question.

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