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I want to redraw picturebox's image in a thread in 50 msec intervals.
When I clear the picturebox before redrawing, it flickers.
And when I don't clear, the old image also remains!
(In fact I have two pictures overlaying (pictures background is transparent) and I want to rotate second image by angle on the first one).
My aim is to create a radar screen like real radar.
I saw a project here but I wanted to do my own.

Could you pls tell me what to do??
Should I use another control? Which one?


What I have tried:

Picturebox, Panel Control,
Graphics.Clear(), Panel.Invalidate(), Panel.Refresh(),
Updated 2-Jan-17 1:07am

You can use
to reduce the flickering..

for more info :-
Control.DoubleBuffered Property (System.Windows.Forms)[^]
I can imagine that DoubleBuffered doesn't solve your Problem.
What you can do is : only repaint / refresh those area where the rotating Picture was before and also the area where it is now.
jamshid_m 2-Jan-17 11:23am
There is not such component in .NET that can show or draw image effectively!?
I have tried refreshing panel. I can't repaint rotating picture old area.
Ralf Meier 2-Jan-17 12:33pm
No ... you should develop your own customized control which has the Behaviour you want to have.
But I thought, that you still have developed something like this and you are stucking at a special point.
Are you familiar with controls-development ...?
jamshid_m 4-Jan-17 11:42am
Hi Ralf Meier,
Thanks for your reply.
Right now I'm learning WPF, I saw somewhere that in WPF I can do it.
Am I right?
Ralf Meier 5-Jan-17 5:57am
I don't know because I mostly work with Windows-Forms.
But ... I don't think, that a Standard-Control will help you ... I think, the only way is to build your own Control which does exactly what you want.
If else the Suggestion from Solution 1 would solve your Problem - I think it doesn't do ...

What do you want to do now ?
jamshid_m 5-Jan-17 7:25am
I don't know much about WPF.
I read that working with pictures is easy in WPF. Therefore I want to do my job in WPF and call it in Windows-Form.

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