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Hi all,
I'm haveing a problem with the createthread function, becouse when
I implement it in the header file it works fine but in the source file
I get the following error codes
Lnk2019 and lnk1120
don't know if the error codes help you
Becouse the msdn just discribes what thay are and not exactly how to solve the prob
And I tried linking to kernel32.lib and it dident work
oh all moust forgot I'm using win32 windows project,

And by the way if some one could tell/give a link to allowed tags wouuld be grate
Thanks in advance for the awnsours
ryan20fun 9-Oct-10 13:00pm
I am getting the error when I try to
Use multithreading in my app's
Cpp file but not in the header/h file
Richard MacCutchan 10-Oct-10 7:49am
Your responses suggest that you are at an early stage of learning C++. This has nothing to do with multi-threading, and everything to do with the fact that you are trying to refer to an external library, and you have not included it in your project. Your comments about .h and .cpp files suggest that you should spend some time with your study guides to understand what the purpose of each file is.
ryan20fun 10-Oct-10 8:07am
Ok ill admit I am I bit of a noob at
C++, but the probelem is that the msdn docs
Tell me to link to kernel32.libbut it doesent help
Oh and I know the difference between
Headers and source files

1 solution

LNK2019: Unresolved external symbol 'symbol' referenced in function 'function' - which means that you are referring to some external class or function that has not been included in your project. Since you did not post the entire message it is impossible to guess what reference is causing the problem.

LNK1120 merely gives the count of unresolved externals. It suggests that you have failed to include some libraries in your project; check your settings.
ryan20fun 10-Oct-10 5:10am
I am trying to do multi threading
With visual studio 2008 express

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