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I want to programmatically install a NuGet package to a project, and update the .csproj file, and the packages.config file.
Right now i can add DLL from Nuget to package.config,but i couldn't update .cs proj file.

string packageID = "Newtonsoft.json";
var sourceUri = new Uri("");

// Return an IPackage
var package = GetNugetPackage(packageID, sourceUri);

IPackageRepository sourceRepository = PackageRepositoryFactory.Default.CreateRepository(sourceUri.ToString());

string packagesPath = "../../TestFiles/packages";
PackageManager packageManager = new PackageManager(sourceRepository, packagesPath);

packageManager.InstallPackage(packageID, SemanticVersion.Parse(package.Version.ToFullString()));

// ---- Update the ‘packages.config’ file ----
var packageReferenceFile = new PackageReferenceFile("../../TestFiles/packages.config");

// Get the target framework of the current project to add --> targetframework="net452" attribute in the package.config file
var currentTargetFw = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetCustomAttributes(typeof(TargetFrameworkAttribute), false);
var targetFrameworkAttribute = ((TargetFrameworkAttribute[])currentTargetFw).FirstOrDefault();

// Update the packages.config file    
packageReferenceFile.AddEntry(package.GetFullName(), SemanticVersion.Parse(package.Version.ToFullString()), false, new FrameworkName(targetFrameworkAttribute.FrameworkName));

What I have tried:

StackOverflow: How to programmatically install a NuGet package?[^]
Updated 19-Feb-17 17:58pm
Graeme_Grant 19-Feb-17 23:52pm    
I am not following. What steps are you currently doing?

1 solution

Maybe one of these YouTube Videos[^] will answer your question for you.

Edit: With the link provided by you, Thomas gives a great solution in his Answer[^]
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shamjid 20-Feb-17 0:23am    
From Thomas solution,i can't access "MSBuildProjectSystem" even though i refered Nuget.core reference.That is what my problem

"var project = new MSBuildProjectSystem(csprojFilePath); "
Graeme_Grant 20-Feb-17 0:25am    
I'm not going to debug your code for you. Post your question to Thomas [edit: on stackoverflow] as it is his code that you are using. Maybe he has some pointers for you.

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