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Hi. Am sure this has been asked multiple times, but I can't find an answer. I have a main site, (project control(PCtrl)). From there we will create sub-sites, project 1, project 2, project 3 etc. On PCtrl I then want to list the projects so users will navigate to them from the main home page.
At certain points in a project life the project will have its permission level changed so more people can view it, I.e. move from level 1 to level 2.
At this point I want PCtrl to display all of the projects that the user that is logged on can see. e.g. project 1 and project 2 only, they don't have the rights to view project 3 (yet).
I have set up some permissions, (all by groups), and they seem to be working, (tested on sub-site folders and dependant on who is logged on different folders are becoming visible).
Thanks in advance.

What I have tried:

Created a web part list, that filters just on sites, but it shows all sub-sites, needs to be just what the user can see, based on the permissions.
Richard Deeming 27-Feb-17 14:57pm    
You have already posted this in the SharePoint forum:[^]
MKM_Matt 28-Feb-17 3:18am    
Apologies for the double post, I was looking to ask a question, so put the request out for assistance, a few minutes later went to look for my question, but couldn't find it, so put it out again. I posted the first in the forum by mistake. Apologies again, assistance would be gratefully received.
Karthik_Mahalingam 27-Feb-17 21:34pm    
dont repost, instead update the existing question using Use Improve question

1 solution

After further searching and head scratching, tried this link again Content Search Web Part for SharePoint 2013 | Sharegate[^] and now working, (I didn't set the inheriting permissions correctly, so all sub sites were showing).
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