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I'm trying to take an image of a dataset in jpeg format and convert it to a table in excel. Anyone know how to do this? Doesnt need to be done programatically.

For instance, I want to turn this image into a table.

What I have tried:

Insert from Object in Word and Convert Text to Table in Word.
Updated 5-Apr-17 10:14am
ZurdoDev 5-Apr-17 15:45pm    
Easiest solution is to type it out.

To be honest, you are making life deliberately difficult for yourself, and involving processes that will do very little more than introduce errors.

A jpeg image contains no text - plus it's a "lossy" compression format - so if you convert a dataset to a jpeg, you then need to use OCR to convert it back to data to create an Excel table from it. Why do that? It's like selling your car to buy an mobile phone to connect to internet to find out when you can catch the next bus to town - so you can take the money out of the bank to buy your car back...

Just save the dataset as an Excel table: a quick Google will find you loads of ways to do that.
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Member 13036251 5-Apr-17 14:39pm    
The reason I do that is because I can then analyze the data..I'm most interested in sorting and median values of a sample set. Plus, its a jpeg. The data was stored in an image and I want to extract it then look at the data closer.
OriginalGriff 5-Apr-17 14:41pm    
"I'm trying to take an image of a dataset in jpeg format"
Use the dataset directly. You avoid a whole world of pain and suffering...
ZurdoDev 5-Apr-17 15:44pm    
He means he only has an image of the data. Does not have the actual data.
F-ES Sitecore 5-Apr-17 15:01pm    
You need to use OCR. This is not a trivial task so google for how you use OCR in your chosen language, it's not going to be easy.
For instance, I want to turn this image into a table.

My best advice: do it manually.
Your picture is very low quality and any OCR will likely to fail. The fact that the text is languages names makes it even more difficult because those names are not in dictionary for most of them.

With OCR, the quality of picture makes the difference between failure and success.
Doing OCR on a table is another difficulty.
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