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I work in a small shop of developers, 5 to be exact. And I was wondering is there a particular software that I should use for our source control? Thanks !

What I have tried:

I am doing my research on the internet
Updated 12-Apr-17 9:19am
Patrice T 12-Apr-17 15:48pm    
Google is broken in your shop ?

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List of version control software - Wikipedia[^] - pick one. A free one probably.

SVN or Github seem to be the most popular.

Someone might offer to pay you to use Visual SourceSafe - tell the demon to be gone and never darken your door again! (Just kidding. Actually no I'm not. It is the spawn of the devil. Do not use SourceSafe)

Joking apart - there is no one-size-fits-all solution (if there was there wouldn't be so many choices). Consider all of the factors of your development shop - such as
- many developers working on same project or do you guys largely work on separate projects within the same overall domain.
- Do you want to do daily commits, more frequent, less frequent.
- Do you want to integrate source control with an IDE or just do it manually
- Are you prepared to have someone "manage" the repository

Loads more things to take into consideration that we just aren't aware of.

To answer your question explicitly
is there a particular software that I should use for our source control?
No there isn't (but someone from M$ will say TFS for sure)
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