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I have many textbox ,now I want to bind all textChanged events to one
event handler ,I write something like this ,but I think it could be better
But HOW?...I meant a way by Delegates..
txtbox1.TextChanged += new EventHandler(txt_TextChanged);
           txtbox2.TextChanged += new EventHandler(txt_TextChanged);
           txtbox3.TextChanged += new EventHandler(txt_TextChanged);

void txt_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
           errorProvider1.SetError((TextBox)(sender), "");
Updated 17-Oct-10 20:27pm

1. Write a TextChange event in code.
2. Open form designer.
3. Select required textboxes for which you want to share common TextChange event.
4. Open property window or press F4 (click event)
5. In TextChange event of property window, select TextChange event written by you in code.
6. Press enter.

No need to make code!
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Dalek Dave 18-Oct-10 3:46am    
Good Answer.

this should do the trick:

foreach (Control ctrl in this.Controls)
  if (ctrl is TextBox)
    ctrl.TextChanged += new EventHandler(txt_TextChanged);
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