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I have developed a program with c# that sends data into a table and shows that data in a datagridview and now I need to select one row of that datagridview select the row of the DataGridView and create a file with it and finally send it to the FTP server. Is that possible? If so how can I do it?
If you need any code or any screenshot of my program feel free to ask.

What I have tried:

I did a search on google but didnt find anything conclusive
Updated 24-Aug-17 6:22am
Dave Kreskowiak 24-Aug-17 11:02am
It seems you don't know what an FTP server is. It handles files, not bits of data.

So, either you're going to have to put this data in a file somehow and then upload that to an FTP server, which is just going to store the file and not do any processing on it, or you really need to specify what you really mean by "FTP Server".
Member 13356973 24-Aug-17 11:09am
Yes, I forgot to say. I select the row of the DataGridView and create a file with it and finally send it to the FTP server
Dave Kreskowiak 24-Aug-17 11:17am
It's possible to do, but you haven't said anything about what you're having a problem with.
Member 13356973 24-Aug-17 11:32am
I'm having a problem to start it

1 solution

I'll refer you to the documentation for the DataGridView, [^]

Notice it has Item properties so that you can get access to a specific cell. Also notice by clicking through the documentation that you can get the cells collection as well, DataGridViewRow.Cells Property (System.Windows.Forms)[^].
Member 13356973 24-Aug-17 11:35am
Thanks for the help

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