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Hi all, I'm trying to get my login window to only continue a string of code if the user enters 1 of the correct product keys.

The code that I need to execute when 1 of the correct product keys are entered:
MainWindow win2 = new MainWindow();

If there's a way of showing me how I should set out my data table on my server as well, that would be great.
Here's the code that currently activates when ANYTHING is in the password box:

private void TextBox_TextChanged(object sender, TextChangedEventArgs e)
            MainWindow win2 = new MainWindow();


What I have tried:

I've looked all over Google, but I can't seem to find something that works with password boxes. (I'm quite new to WPF c#)
Updated 27-Aug-17 22:09pm

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You SQL question is hard to help you with without knowing your SQL server table structure, obviously. Do include for specifics.

A PasswordBox type control supports a property Password server side, however it cannot be bound to for security reasons. See details: [^]

Which me wonder why you're acting on the text changed event of a textbox?
Clearly you don't want to act on every change but not until for instance some button is pressed.

<StackPanel Margin="10">
       <TextBox />
       <PasswordBox id="MyPasswordBox" />

and then on the codebehind you can simply access it with

string password = MyPasswordBox.Password;

Of it is boxed in an event like object, remember to unbox it first.

var pwBox = (PasswordBox)sender;

But don't try it if you sender is on your button event ;)
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Member 13380213 28-Aug-17 8:12am    
Thanks a ton for your help! I have yet decided not use a database and use the application itself instead. I'll accept this as the correct answer as this does work.

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