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I would like to know whether there are any techniques for decompiling a managed exe which has been obfuscated. Thanks.
Updated 24-Oct-10 2:31am
Toli Cuturicu 24-Oct-10 14:44pm    
Somebody obfuscated it exactly for this reason: to stop you from decompiling it. So, don't attempt to do it! It is illegal.

The whole idea of using obfuscation is that you don't.
You decompile the exe before obfuscation, if you don't have the source.
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There are some so-called de-obfuscators available for obfuscated .NET executables, but it's very unlikely that you will get the original code back. It would be far easier to run the de-compiled but obfuscated C# code through a debugger to figure out what the code does.
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amshan1 24-Oct-10 8:40am    
thanks for your replay, just little help me out where can i get the de-obfuscators for. Net exe, any links or any idea will appresiate.
Nish Nishant 24-Oct-10 8:47am    
I'm sorry but I've never had to use one so far. You'd have to google or bing them out I guess.

And again, it will be far more effective to debug and step through the decompiled code, and then refactor as you see fit until you have reasonably readable code. If your interests are academic and you want to understand the workings of the code that should be quite sufficient.
amshan1 24-Oct-10 9:10am    
thnks i wil tryied

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