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How do I get the attribute values of a node that contains a certain string?
For example..
Say, I have an array of strings or IEnumerable of strings containing strings like

and the file contains nodes like
<x-aln freq="fq1">abldfls lfds fd \hbox{x1}</x-aln>
<x-aln freq="fq2">abldfls lfds fd \hbox{x2}</x-aln>
<x-aln freq="fq3-5">abldfls lfds fd \hbox{z5} dafdsf \hbox{z6} dsfdsf \hbox{z7}</x-aln>
How do I search for all the string in the array to check whether they are inside any of the
, if yes, then get the attribute value freq of its parent node <x-aln> and store them in a variable?

What I have tried:

I can't figure out how can I do this...
Can anyone help??
Sample xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<section id="sec1">
		<p>Despite the large number of scientific papers devoted to the heart <sup><xref ref-type="bibr" rid="c1">1</xref><xref ref-type="bibr" rid="c2">2</xref></sup>, this time to think both home and foreign authors there are many different <xref ref-type="disp-formula" rid="deqn2">2</xref> controversial issues. They are associated with morphological structural features of valvular heart disease and its individual structural components: valves, tendon strings mastoid muscle and fibrous ring <sup><xref ref-type="bibr" rid="c1">1</xref><xref ref-type="bibr" rid="c2">2</xref></sup>.</p>
		<section id="sec2">
			<p>All structures are large valvular morphofunctional load.
				<x-aln freq="fq1">abldfls lfds fd \hbox{x1}</x-aln></p>
			<p>According to the classification of tendon <xref ref-type="eqn" rid="fq1a">1</xref> strings of the heart they are classified as boundary, i.e, those that are attached to the <xref ref-type="disp-formula" rid="deqn10">(17)</xref> edges of the leaves, leaf, spot fixing being lower surface of leaf valve (facing the cavity of the ventricle) and abnormally arranged strings.</p>
			<p>Thus detailed knowledge of the structural features of normal tendon strings.
				<x-aln freq="fq2">abldfls lfds fd \hbox{x2}</x-aln></p>
	<section id="sec3">
		<section id="sec2a">
			<title>THE MORPHOLOGY</title>
			<p>According to the macroscopic study of tendon strings newborns and infants
				<x-aln freq="fq3-5">abldfls lfds fd \hbox{z5} dafdsf \hbox{z6} dsfdsf \hbox{z7}</x-aln></p>
			<section id="sec5a1">
				<title>THE OML</title>
				<p>Total number of tendon strings are attached to the cusps of <xref ref-type="eqn" rid="fq4">4</xref> atrioventricular valves of the heart in both age groups ranged from 30 to 80.</p>
Updated 28-Dec-17 1:38am
Nakhia_ind 26-Dec-17 3:54am    
which enviornment like sql or c#
Member 12692000 26-Dec-17 10:47am    
Nakhia_ind 26-Dec-17 12:14pm    
sir before some time a answer is submit with the bellow link

If that is not usefull plz convey me
Member 12692000 26-Dec-17 22:04pm    
sorry, but the link you provided did not help in my problem at all.
Nakhia_ind 27-Dec-17 10:51am    
so plz convey me the total xml file

1 solution

sir first create a xml file named as test1.xml and stored in the debug folder in win application given bellow that manupulating your first xml code

        <x-aln freq="fq1">abldfls lfds fd \hbox{x1}</x-aln>
<x-aln freq="fq2">abldfls lfds fd \hbox{x2}</x-aln>
<x-aln freq="fq3-5">abldfls lfds fd \hbox{z5} dafdsf \hbox{z6} dsfdsf \hbox{z7}</x-aln>
    <foo id="123">Text 1<moo />Text 2

then the code behind I define bellow

private void button5_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

          string fpath = Application.StartupPath + "\\" + "test1.xml";
          XDocument xele = XDocument.Load(fpath);

          var node = xele.XPathSelectElement("/xml/foo/x-aln[@freq='fq1']");
          var strvalue = node.Value;
          int ind = strvalue.IndexOf('\\');
          string str = "";
          if (strvalue.Substring(ind + 1, 5) == "hbox{")
              int lind = strvalue.LastIndexOf('}');
              str = strvalue.Substring(ind + 6, (lind-(ind + 6)));

This give a message box but you can take with a variable
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Member 12692000 28-Dec-17 11:12am    
Hi, I want to get the attribute value of the node i.e. since x1 is inside the node <x-aln freq="fq1">abldfls lfds fd \hbox{x1}</x-aln>, so the output should get me the attrib value freq i.e. fq1, but your code outputs x1?

BTW, My XPath is a bit rusty, can you show it using LINQ2XML?

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