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my environment is :
- Windows 7, VS 2010 SP1, FW .NET 4.0.

The issue is :
- I have a DLL .NET (dll1.dll version without StrongName) who contains a simple class that does anythis ;
- I have a second DLL .NET (dll2.dll version without StrongName) who contains a WinForms UserControl, with one simple Button control ; dll1 is also referenced, with SpecificVersion property set to false ;
- I have a WinForms application, who contains just one Form. dll1 and dll2 are referenced with SpecificVersion property set to false, and in the VS IDE, I add the UserControl in the ToolBox, then I drag and drop one instance of UserControl on the Form ;

At this point, application compilation (x86) and runtime are OK.

Then :
- I modify a little bit code in dll1, I modify the version of dll1 from to, and I recompile dll1 ;
- BUT I DON'T WANT to recompile dll2 because his code has no changes ;
- In the WinForms application, reference to dll1 is upgraded to, and reference to dll2 is still to

Results :
- compilation is still OK ;
- runtime is still OK, because there is no StrongName ;
- BUT when I try to display the Form in the IDE, VS throws a FileNotFoundException because it cannot found "dll1 version".

I don't understand why, at design time, VS throws this exception that is not thrown at runtime.

I hope that my explanations are clear and detailed enough.

Thank you for your help

What I have tried:

With VisualStudio 2013, same issue.
Updated 28-Feb-18 22:03pm

It is likely the VS editor has embedded the version of the dll somewhere.
Try deleting the control from the form and from the toolbox, and add it again; that should get rid of the error.
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I have trid that but I get the same error.
This is the link between dll2 and dll1 that causes the exception, and not the link between application and dll2.

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