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I need to create a code which randomly generates 1 million different vehicle registration plates.
The plates need:
- to consist of 3 numbers
- to consist of 3 letters excluding vowels
-the letters and numbers need to be separated by a dash
- a randomly generated country code needs to be added to the end of the plate, it needs to be one of the following ( CA, ZN, MP, EC, L, GP, NC, FS, NW)
- everything needs to be displayed in a GUI and when you press the generate button it generates everything

What I have tried:

I have tried creating arrays and for loops and my code is not working
Updated 7-May-18 22:29pm
Patrice T 7-May-18 15:59pm    
Show your code and describe problem you have.

Trail: Creating a GUI With JFC/Swing (The Java™ Tutorials)[^], Random (Java Platform SE 8 )[^].

Although, showing a million items on the GUI in one go will really annoy your users.
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Maciej Los 8-May-18 5:34am    
Assuming five vowels (that is considering 'Y' a consonant), you could have
10 ^ 3 * 21 ^ 3 * 9 = 83349000
different plates.

So you can choose a random number in the [0..83348999] range and generate the plate string using it. I am going to show you the code:
import java.util.Random;

class Plate
  static final int PLATES = 83349000;
  static String plate(int n)
    char [] dgt = { '0', '1', '2', '3', '4', '5', '6', '7', '8', '9' };
    char [] letter = { 'B', 'C', 'D', 'F', 'G', 'H', 'J', 'K', 'L', 'M', 'N', 'P', 'Q', 'R', 'S', 'T', 'V', 'W', 'X', 'Y', 'Z' };
    String [] cc = { "CA", "ZN", "MP", "EC", "L", "GP", "NC", "FS", "NW" };

    String p = "";

    if ( n<0 || n >= PLATES) return p;
    int rem;
    for ( int i = 0; i<3; i++)
      rem = n % 10;
      p += dgt[rem];
      n = (n - rem) / 10;
    p += "-";

    for ( int i = 0; i<3; i++)
      rem = n % 21;
      p += letter[rem];
      n = (n - rem) / 21;
    p += "-";
    rem = n % 9;
    p += cc[rem];
    return p;

  public static void main(String arg[])
    int n;
    Random rand = new Random();
    // generate and show 10 random plates (repetition is allowed)
    for (n=0; n<10; ++n)
      int r = rand.nextInt(PLATES);
      System.out.printf( "%3d %s\n", (n+1), plate( r) );


Now you have to generate 1000000 of such plates (and I assume) avoiding repetitions.
You could use (if your programming box has enough memory) the algorithm shown here: Random extraction of 5 cards from a deck[^] to make the trick.

Finally you have to create a GUI for it, possibly using, as suggested the Swing Framework. This artistic step is very up to you.
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Maciej Los 8-May-18 5:35am    
CPallini 8-May-18 5:43am    
Thank you very much, Maciej.

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