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My code:
String o = "56";
String hello = "Rudra";

What I have tried:

Why it says:
56Rudra but not 56 Rudra
Updated 21-Jul-23 2:29am

Because you are concatenating "56" o with "Rudra" hello - you have not included any spaces

In fact - look at the solution to your earlier question How to add space between this output?[^]
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Rudra 2023 21-Jul-23 7:28am    
I have used the concat method to add spaces only.
Richard Deeming 21-Jul-23 7:38am    
The concat method concatenates two strings. It does NOT add any space or extra characters between the two strings.
Instead of posting the same basic question again, your time would be better spent actually learning the language. Go to Java Tutorials Learning Paths[^], where everything is clearly explained.
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Hint: read the documentation String (Java Platform SE 8 )[^].
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Graeme_Grant 21-Jul-23 7:34am    
Class is out
To add to the other's answers, Java includes a join method that can concatenate any number of strings with a separator string between each:
System.out.println(String.join(" ", "Hello", "World"));

Hello World
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