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Well my setup at this moment is at a breadboard for the music.
I have made a spotify connect program with python as a systemd service on the raspberry pi 3.

This way I can easily connect the music output from my Spotify running on my laptop or mobile to the program (I called it Spotify @Edris cause thats my name :P) on the RPI 3.

Then I have a USB audio DAC coming from my pi to the speaker. I have set the audio configuration in the RPI 3 and the beast is working :P

Then I wanted to add my WS2812B lights to the project to bounce on the music that actually comes from Spotify program running on my laptop. (This signal is wifi) cause the RPI is also connected to the same network as my laptop, the Spotify service is connecting with an oAuth2 authentication just wanted to bring that out.

I then grabbed my MSGEQ7 chip. That is a small chip to break out the audio into 7 frequency bands.
Used that with an Arduino.

Used an audio splitter and connected it to my breadboard with the Arduino nano & the MSGEQ7 chip.
By connected I mean I made a little Stereo to Mono circuit and I am pulling the DC signal to the ground to get the AC signal, then that signal I multiply 10 times it, with an opamp.

The 10 times signal goes to the MSGEQ7 chip to break out the audio (AC signal)
Read it out with arduino using an VU Meter library from an opensource project on the internet.

All Is working very nice.
I wanted to connect the RGB lights to the RPI 3.
Getting rid of the Arduino cause I wanted to get rid the the MSGEQ7 chips and the circuits that I made and read it in software.

Now I can take an ADC chip connect it to the output from the MSGEQ7 chip and connect the ADC to te RPI. Cause RPI 3 doesn't have ADC pins. That's on approach but really wanted to somehow get the streaming music from the service of the spotify client that I made with the spotify API.

Then connect the WS2812B rbg LEDs to the RPI 3 and have it be responsive on the music. Without any chips.

But can't figure out how...

What I have tried:

Nothing cause I really don't know anything about getting the data from the music stream and also doing something with that and lighting up the RGB leds
Updated 14-May-18 19:19pm
Member 13077927 17-May-18 16:07pm    
I think this can't be possilble cause then I would be able to make a copy of the song. Ofcourse that's not my intention. So yeah too bad.
This can be closed cause don't want any trouble.

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