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Hello, I am new in flutter, this is my code to connect to an API REST
 final String _baseUrl = 'https://localhost:7254/api/login/getTokenLogin';
 final Map<String, dynamic> authData = {
      'email': email,
      'password': password

final url = Uri.parse(_baseUrl); //  , 
final resp = await, body: json.encode(authData));

Using POSTMAN and SWAGGER it works perfect, but using the code above i got this message:
_ClientSocketException (Connection refused)

Any help?

What I have tried:

I Had checked privilegies, Other codes in flutter, the _baseUrl in Postman and Swagger
Updated 27-Jan-23 5:02am

1 solution

I found this soluction and its WORKS for me:
class PostHttpOverrides extends HttpOverrides {
  HttpClient createHttpClient(context) {
    return super.createHttpClient(context)
      ..badCertificateCallback =
          (X509Certificate cert, String host, int port) => true;

void main() { = PostHttpOverrides();
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