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I have a data system created with MS Sql Server. The system works with 28 tables. We create a customer-specific database containing the same tables for each customer to whom we sell the product. and there is a separate database where we store customer information. But at the same time, we open a port for each client and start a service. This is not useful for us with the increasing number of customers. I just want to publish a service and add config to the service for client database information in IIS and direct the api to the relevant database with a parameter or header parameter added to the url requests (obviously I have no idea how). Can you help on how to do this?

What I have tried:

Unfortunately I haven't been able to try anything. because i don't know about service start.
Updated 6-Jan-23 12:48pm
0x01AA 4-Jan-23 14:25pm    
google for 'Authentication' and also maybe for future for 'Authentication vs. Authorization'. It should give you an idea what you need.

E.g. you can start reading here: Authentication vs. Authorization[^]
[no name] 4-Jan-23 15:53pm    
It's in the SQL: USE [database]

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The term you're looking for is "multi-tenancy".

For example:
Multi-tenant Apps With EF Core and ASP.​NET Core[^]

Your scenario seems to fall under the section titled "Isolated Databases Multi-tenancy with EF Core".
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