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Hi, I am trying to export a power bi embed report to PDF in a ASP.NET core MVC Application using Power BI REST API.

I followed the microsoft documentation: Export Power BI embedded analytics reports API - Power BI | Microsoft Learn[^]

Below is the method where i am getting the error:
private static async Task<string> PostExportRequest(
            Guid reportId,
            Guid groupId,
            FileFormat format,
            IList<string> pageNames = null, /* Get the page names from the GetPages REST API */
            string urlFilter = null)
            using (var pbiClient = await GetPowerBiClient())

                var powerBIReportExportConfiguration = new PowerBIReportExportConfiguration
                    Settings = new ExportReportSettings
                        Locale = "en-us",
                    // Note that page names differ from the page display names
                    // To get the page names use the GetPages REST API
                    Pages = pageNames?.Select(pn => new ExportReportPage { PageName = pn }).ToList(),
                    //Pages = pages,
                    // ReportLevelFilters collection needs to be instantiated explicitly
                    ReportLevelFilters = !string.IsNullOrEmpty(urlFilter) ? new List<ExportFilter>() { new ExportFilter(urlFilter) } : null


                var exportRequest = new ExportReportRequest
                    Format = format,
                    PowerBIReportConfiguration = powerBIReportExportConfiguration,

                    // The 'Client' object is an instance of the Power BI .NET SDK
                    var export = await pbiClient.Reports.ExportToFileInGroupAsync(groupId, reportId, exportRequest);
                    // Save the export ID, you'll need it for polling and getting the exported file
                    return export.Id;
                catch (HttpOperationException ex)
                    if (ex.Response.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.NotFound)
                        Console.WriteLine("Report not found.");
                    else if (ex.Response.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.Forbidden)
                        Console.WriteLine("Access to the report is forbidden.");
                        Console.WriteLine("Error exporting report: " + ex.Response.ReasonPhrase);

                    return null;

I am getting NotFound error while calling the ExportToFileInGroupAsync Power BI REST API in above method.

PageNames are also retrieved correctly from content response which is as below:
      "name":"ReportSectione2c518a1fea59becc220","displayName":"Snowflake Cost Analysis","order":0
      "name":"ReportSection80cedf8a24dcd410907c","displayName":"Snowflake Storage Analysis","order":1

Can anyone help me resolving the error ?

What I have tried:

I verified The report and group ID's are correct.
The PageNames are also retrieved correctly.

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