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any statements

what is meant by this condition i dont understand.

Or if we have no condition which we can write in if() but we want to use if then what would we write in brackets?????

What I have tried:

if simple conditions are wrote in brackets then we all know their meaning but if
! in present at the start of any condition then what is meant by it
Updated 21-Jun-18 22:35pm

In C++ the ! operator is logical NOT: Operators in C | Set 2 (Relational and Logical Operators) - GeeksforGeeks[^] - it inverts the boolean value that follows it.
If you have this code:
if (!a)
Then when a evaluates to true you will execute c, and when it evaluates to false you will execute b
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I gave you a link yesterday which will explain everything about the C++ language. Please make use of it.
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Well... you're asking the questions about meaning of C++ code...

So, why don't you buy a book and start with basics? The other way is to study tutorials, as Richard has already suggested...
C++ Language - C++ Tutorials[^]
C++ Tutorial[^]
Learn C++ Tutorial - javatpoint[^]
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