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I cannot find a property in EPPlus that lets me center the content either vertically or horizontally on the page. I'm not talking about centering content in cells. I know how to do that.

Here's an image of the property in Excel

What I have tried:

Tried finding the setting. (ugh, sorry, but this section should be optional)
Updated 26-Jun-18 0:02am
avianrand 24-Jun-18 21:51pm    
Could y'all add a tag for EPPlus?
CHill60 25-Jun-18 7:57am    
Why would we add a tag for EPPlus when you should be going to the right place GitHub - JanKallman/EPPlus: Create advanced Excel spreadsheets using .NET[^]
avianrand 26-Jun-18 7:11am    
GitHub is not the right place. They don't take tech questions there. They want everyone to go to stackoverflow. I don't use stackoverflow. The people there are extremely uncool. I stopped using it a long time ago. The people here are (generally) nicer.
avianrand 26-Jun-18 7:13am    
Anyway, why does CodeProject have tags for tons of other things that can be handled elsewhere? I don't think I made an unreasonable request.
Maciej Los 26-Jun-18 4:57am    
You can do it yourself. Just use "Improve question" widget (right-bottom corner).

1 solution

Check this: EPPlus/ExcelPrinterSettings.cs at master · pruiz/EPPlus · GitHub[^]
See these properties: HorizontalCentered and VerticalCentered
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avianrand 26-Jun-18 7:27am    
That was it. Thank you. I was looking for something more complicated for some reason.

ExcelWorksheet.PrinterSettings.HorizontalCentered = True
Maciej Los 26-Jun-18 7:30am    
You're very welcome.

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