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I want to match words of a complete sentence against a list of words, and if contain not to proceed to next step. However, it matches partially as well.

For example, if my list contain a word 'me' and in the sentence there is a word 'some' it fails.

What I have tried:

What I've done,

if not any(word in text_sentence.lower().strip() for word in banned_words):
    # Proceed to next level, as a valid sentence

Once I pass "Some one like you" it fails, as my list contain a word "me". Verified simply printing the words.

for item in banned_words:
    if item in slbot_tweet:
Updated 15-Aug-18 22:14pm

You need to break your sentence down into individual word tokens, using all forms of punctuation as delimiters: quotes, double quotes, comma, space, dot, colon, semicolon, brackets, exclamation, hyphen, and anything else your user is likely to type to mask it: I'd suggest breaking it on anything that isn't a letter of number!

Once you have the string as an array of word tokens, you can check if any of them are in the "banned" list.
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CodingLover 16-Aug-18 1:59am    
Thanks for the comment.

I thought the following segment split the sentence by space.

word in text_sentence.lower().strip()
Your tweet text is not an array of words, but an array of characters. As OriginalGriff says, you need to break it up into a proper array of tokens (words) first. Use the string.split()[^] method.
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CodingLover 16-Aug-18 4:33am    
Yes, it works once tokanized. Was miss-up with strip() and split().

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