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this code is working but not changes in docx file using openxml wordprocessing document

how to add html content in existing docx file using opexml

What I have tried:

Using myDoc As WordprocessingDocument = WordprocessingDocument.Open("C:\Users\admin\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\WebApplication6\WebApplication6\temp\FTANJS2.docx", True)

               Dim html As String = "< html ><head/><body>
               <h1>Html Heading</h1>
               <p>This Is an html document In a String literal.</p>

               Dim altChunkId As String = "AltChunkId1"
               Dim mainPart As MainDocumentPart = myDoc.MainDocumentPart
               Dim chunk As AlternativeFormatImportPart = mainPart.AddAlternativeFormatImportPart("application/xhtml+xml", altChunkId)

               Dim chunkStream As Stream = chunk.GetStream(FileMode.Create, FileAccess.Write)
               Dim stringStream As StreamWriter = New StreamWriter(chunkStream)

               Dim altChunk As AltChunk = New AltChunk
               altChunk.Id = altChunkId

               mainPart.Document.Body.InsertAfter(altChunk, mainPart.Document.Body.Elements(Of Paragraph).Last)

           End Using
Matias Lopez 18-Sep-18 12:07pm    
Did you test that code not exit with errors? Can you add the try/catch code block in VB?
Wasim Ahmed Nov2021 23-Nov-21 13:09pm    
Hello, I have a similar situation ... did you happen to find any solution to this using OpenXML or any other opensource code?

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