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I am working on an assignment in which I have to fetch list of hyperlinks existing in a docx file. The file may contain links in headers/footers as well.
The approach I am using is through OpenXML. I have been able to detect Hyperlinks that are existing in the body of the docx file using the approach below :
IEnumerable<HyperlinkRelationship> hyperlinks = from r in wordDocx.MainDocumentPart.HyperlinkRelationships where ((r.RelationshipType == "")) select r;
foreach (HyperlinkRelationship hr in hyperlinks)
 if (isValidURL(hr.Uri.ToString()))

Any suggestions on how to iterate through the header/footer document parts and check for existence of Hyperlinks?


It has code in C# sections. Check if it helps you.[^]
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Karunish 18-Apr-11 8:26am    
Have tried that mate. Problem is I am not able to form Hyperlink relationship for the Header/footer part reference.
We need to iterate withing HeaderFooterReference class to create HyperlinkRelationship and then use LINQ Query to find the result. Here is how I resolved this problem.
protected ListBox GetHeaderFooterHyperLinks(WordprocessingDocument wordDocx)
     string headerFooterRelationshipID;
     foreach (HeaderFooterReferenceType hdrFtr in wordDocx.MainDocumentPart.Document.Descendants<HeaderFooterReferenceType>())
         headerFooterRelationshipID = hdrFtr.Id.Value;
         IEnumerable<HyperlinkRelationship> hdrFtrLinks = from hdrFooter in wordDocx.MainDocumentPart.GetPartById(headerFooterRelationshipID).HyperlinkRelationships where (hdrFooter.RelationshipType == "") select hdrFooter;
    foreach(HyperlinkRelationship hf in hdrFtrLinks)
  return lstBox;
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