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I want to convert sql query to linq lambda expression syntax

ResultData = db.Students.Include(x => x.Parents)
                   .Include(xx => xx.Trips)
                   .Where(x => x.UserId == User_Id)
                   .Select(x => x.StudentName).ToList();

What I have tried:

select st.Id,StudentName,st.BusId,lat_long,pa.PhoneNumber1,
,pa.PhoneNumber3 image 
from Students st
join Parents pa on pa.Id = st.ParentId
join Trips tr on tr.StudentId=st.Id
where tr.Destination ='home' and tr.BusId =7 
Updated 20-Oct-20 9:39am
Animesh Datta 5-Nov-18 5:05am    
and your problem is ...
NebroProg 5-Nov-18 5:34am    
LINQ code is incorrect
NebroProg 5-Nov-18 5:35am    
I need fully converted SQL to LINQ

Use tool LINQPAD
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NebroProg 7-Nov-18 6:28am     CRLF
thank's all the problem in forgen key ,so it was solved
here is the MSFT docs for linq joins

Perform inner joins (LINQ in C#) | Microsoft Docs[^]
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