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Hi, I am stuck on a problem that requires me to come up with a way to calculate the largest side perimeters of different shapes. I am kind of confused on how to even start with it tbh.

This is some of the code.

public class PerimeterAssignmentRunner {

public double getPerimeter (Shape s) {

double totalPerim = 0.0;

Point prevPt = s.getLastPoint();

for (Point currPt : s.getPoints()) {

double currDist = prevPt.distance(currPt);

totalPerim = totalPerim + currDist;

prevPt = currPt;


// totalPerim is the answer

return totalPerim;


The package was provided with points given in another file (don't know the exact the terminology).

What I have tried:

double largestSide = 0;
Point prevPt = s.getLastPoint();
for(Point currPt:s.getPoints())
Updated 11-Nov-18 20:00pm

1 solution

Work out the length of each segment, that is basic Pythagoras: BBC - GCSE Bitesize: The length of a line segment[^]
Then all you have to do is work out the longest...
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