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I have been learning Java for a while now and have got my head around the language basics and the principles of OOP. I am also familiar with several of Javas inbuilt APIs so I want to test my skills on a decent sized project.

Trouble is I'm totally stuck for inspiration and most Googled projects involve things like JavaFX, Spring, JDBC etc which I don't know enough about yet to get properly stuck in. Does anyone have any links to/ideas about good sized projects for practicing inheritance/abstraction/polymorphism/abstract classes/interfaces etc?


What I have tried:

I am just following tutorials and am finding it hard to think of my own practice projects
Updated 23-Jan-20 9:46am

Write "java assigments with oop" in google and you will find a plenty of choices
Here is something interesting I found, you can read the description of any project and start applying
GitHub - Vincent3112/javaCourseraOOP: Java OOP exercises and assignments[^]
Good luck
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Dave Kreskowiak 3-Aug-20 11:13am    
2 years too late
Yo you know what I have just been thinking about this and I have come up with the ultimate solution for a challenge like this. I am going to model the Earth using Java. The Earth is full of hierarchical structures that are both real and abstract.

It has countries that have political structures, cities, towns and villages, people in all sorts of roles from President/Prime Minister/Dictator to shop assistant, farmer and professional developer. It has weather and environmental conditions. It has moral and ethical issues (that may be hard to program but it's worth a shot) to consider. It has an animal kingdom that could be broadly catalogued. It has mathematical properties and notions of physics. Attempting to model an entire planet will not only take ages but will also be extremely complicated as it grows larger and larger and thus test my understanding of OOP probably to the max.

Thanks for the few responses but I think I'm sorted now for a project. Cheers
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Have you worked through all the tutorials at The Java™ Tutorials[^] ? If not, try a subject that you are maybe interested in.
Others to consider: A small lending library, car rental, car maintenance, address book, etc.
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