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Hello there, i am facing a problem of not being able to build any useful projects. I have worked on learning concepts of OOP and also other basic concepts of programming and i have very well understood the concepts, but still lacks behind in building something useful. I don't understand what is the concept i am lacking behind. Even after knowing the concepts its very hard for me to figure out how a good project will be build. Please help me if you can, as we all know that learning without building is much of no use.
Thank you.

What I have tried:

Building projects by myself many times and learning basic concepts.

We really can't tell you anything specific - it's a skill, and the only way to build a skill is through practice - you can watch as much of the Tour de France as you like, but it isn't going to teach you to ride a bicycle! :D

Pick a subject that interests you and write yourself a specification for how it should work.
Then read the spec, and generate a design overview: data required, how does it need to be processed, what the interaction with the user will be.
Then try to divide that up: for largish projects a good way to start splitting is to consider the 3 Layer model: Data Layer, Business Layer, Presentation Layer - then work out what the interactions between those are going to be.

Then think about language and framework selection.

Then design the layers themselves.

Then refine the designs, prepare test cases, create a "sign off" criteria document so you know when it is finished.

Then you can start designing code - and eventually start writing it!

Sounds like a lot of work? Well, yes - it is a lot of work for a large project - but the same steps are pretty much needed regardless of the project size: even a homework exercise, though a lot of that is done for you before you start working: it needs a specification (the assignment), a design overview (the "shell of the program" that the teacher provides), the language and framework choice is the teachers, the data is specified in the assignment, and so on. If you miss out some of it, it makes your life a load harder in the long run.

But as I said - the only way to get good at it is to practice, and make mistakes you can learn from for next time.

Good luck!
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Srihari Vernekar 1-Feb-24 2:08am    
I never thought this in this way, Thank you so much.
OriginalGriff 1-Feb-24 2:33am    
You're welcome!
Srihari Vernekar 9-Feb-24 2:29am    
Hello sir are you on Twitter? Just asking generally.
OriginalGriff 9-Feb-24 3:05am    
Take a look at Java Tutorials Learning Paths[^] and Welcome to Apache NetBeans[^]. Lots of useful tutorials and ideas, but also guidance on how to put things together.
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Srihari Vernekar 1-Feb-24 2:09am    
Thank you

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