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We want to start a new project in Dot Net Core. We have a team which is good experienced in Enterprise Library(Data Access Application Block, Logging Application Block, Exception Handling Application Block) but they are new to Dot Net Core. We just want your suggestions on what should we use for Data Access i.e. Enterprise Library or Entity Framework.

What I have tried:

Team is very much familiar with Stored Procedures and working on Enterprise Library from last 4-5 years. But not much familiar with entity framework.

Updated 27-Dec-18 1:34am

1 solution

You have already tagged the question with your answer. The best bid you have in ASP.NET Core is to go with Entity Framework Core. Entity Framework Core can take care of your most intensive data access requirements, and LINQ can take care of backend query generation (can use stored procedures too).

Check the tutorials here, EF Core is merely a bunch of C# APIs, nothing advanced needed to explore the runtime apart from LINQ. Overview - EF Core | Microsoft Docs[^]. Your engineers will not have a tough time learning these.

If your users are already experienced in Enterprise Library then they already know how .NET framework can be used in enterprise environments, .NET Core is just a way to use-libraries-that-are-needed. Also, I just found (with a quick Google) that you still have some support of Enterprise Library in .NET Core, web api - Is there a way to use enterprise library in .NET Core 1.1.2 web api - Stack Overflow[^]
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